Natural Prebiotics & Living Probiotics

Probiotics and prebiotics sound similar but play different roles in your pet’s health. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria and prebiotics are food for these bacteria. Maintaining the right balance of both pro- and prebiotics can help promote better digestive health and overall wellness for your pet.


  • Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that pass through the upper digestive tract and help provide nutrients to the beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in the lower digestive tract
  • Solid Gold ® uses Dried Chicory Root, a source of inulin, as a prebiotic in all our dry food formulas


  • Probiotics are good bacteria that ferment in the lower digestive tract and help fight against bad bacteria
  • Solid Gold ® dry recipes use probiotics to help repopulate your pet’s gut flora—helping with immunity and intestinal health

Did You Know?

Not all probiotics are created equal! Probiotics are incredibly fragile and can die off very easily. Some pet foods use unprotected probiotics that die before your pet can consume them. Solid Gold ® probiotics are protected with a proprietary process, ensuring they are live and active when consumed by your pet.

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