This Place Is Ending The Homeless Cat Problem With Love

Kitty Bungalow is California's only 100% feral cat rescue and socialization facility. As shelter interventionists, they focus their attention on the most vulnerable of felines—the ferals.  The cat rescue breaks down the anxiety of feral cats with nearly 80 weekly volunteers who use guided socialization techniques and objectives, taking street cats from 'hiss to home'.

Kitty Bungalow provides more than just finding homes for the homeless. They are working at the root of the problem, providing broad based Trap Neuter Return (TNR),free spays and neuters to neighborhoods in need within Los Angeles. Due to an ongoing injunction with the city of Los Angeles, the city shelters are knee deep with kittens.  That is why the kill rate for Los Angeles City shelters for cats is 50%!  The majority of all animals killed in the city shelters (76%) are kittens 8 weeks and under! These numbers are alarming and are the reason why organizations like Kitty Bungalow are crucial.

The cat overpopulation is not a cat problem—it is a people problem caused by uneducated and sometimes irresponsible pet owners who abandon their cats or do not have them sterilized, causing a proliferation of cats being born on the street. Kitty Bungalow's efforts combined with adopting, volunteering, and donating can put an end the homeless kitten epidemic. Solid Gold is proud to sponsor such an amazing organization. Learn more about their amazing cause here .

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