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The 5 Best Dog Food Brands

Dry, wet, raw, fresh—you name it!

How a healthy gut helps protects your pet against allergies

Dogs and cats with healthy guts are less susceptible to allergies. Let’s take a closer look at this connection, and how you can take steps to protect your pet!

Executive women share pet food industry career advice

Female leaders in the dog and cat food industry shared their advice for other pet food professionals. Our own founder, Sissy McGill, is featured!

Pet Age Women of Influence 2020 Winners

Although they come from different sectors of the industry, the recipients always have several things in common. These women have made a notable impact on the field in which they work while also inspiring a new generation of women to join the pet industry. They are game changers and trailblazers who are making continual contributions to the pet care community and the pets that we all serve.

Sissy Harrington McGill – the pioneer of natural pet food

A look into the inspiring life of Sissy McGill, the woman who went against the grain to bring natural pet food to America.

Improve your pet’s gut health in three easy steps

Your animal’s gut health affects everything from his mood to his immune system, so it’s important to make it a priority! Follow these three steps to success.

Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

You’ve probably caught your cat sneaking a few bites of the food your dog left in their bowl, but can cats eat dog food and not get sick?

Beyond Chocolate: Scary Foods to Keep Away from Your Dog This Candy Season (and Every Day)

Growing up as a pet novice, I gleaned certain facts about dogs from babysitters, classmates, and television. I got the basics down…

8 Ways to Make Sure Your Dog Gets Enough Water

“Moisture plays a vital role in your dog’s health,” says Krystn Janisse, from Homes Alive Pets. “In the wild, dogs would get most of their moisture from their diet. If you are feeding a dry kibble or dehydrated food, then you should consider finding other ways to encourage more water consumption.”

Dog Kibble Keeps Up with Demand for Better Nutrition

No longer just a piece of dry food, dog kibble is evolving to keep pace with consumer demand for stellar pet nutrition.

Pet Owners Turn to Natural Cat Food for their Finicky Felines

Cat owners are focusing on high-quality natural selections that feline foodies will love.

8 Toppers to Lure Cats and Dogs to Their Bowls

Pet owners are coming around to seeing food toppers as more than just a treat. For cats and dogs who are picky eaters or suffer from food allergies, toppers can provide an extra boost of nutrition and hydration, making them an important addition to the pet lover’s pantry.

Getting Protein Gains

Found in meats, eggs, dairy products, as well as some grains and legumes, protein is an important part of a canine’s diet.

9 Best Diet Cat Foods: Your Buyer’s Guide

Unfortunately, the obesity epidemic that affects people also affects our pets. If your vet has recently declared your cat overweight and instructed you to…

Novel Proteins and Superfoods Are Giving Dog Foods a Boost

Adding unique proteins and superfoods to dog diets is no longer a novel idea—as interest, sales figures and new offerings demonstrate.