Pumpkin Dog Treats They’ll Beg For

Pumpkin season is still upon us! We’ve put together some easy DIY Pumpkin Treats using our SeaMeal and Wild Heart Dog Food. Check out this fun recipe.



  1. 1Smash up the banana and add it to bowl
  2. Mix SeaMeal Powder, pumpkin and Greek yogurt in medium sized bowl

  3. Set aside

  4. Use food processor to smash up the Solid Gold Wild Heart Dog Food into small crumbles

  5. Fill silicone tray with bowl mixture

  6. Sprinkle dog food crumble across trays

  7. Freeze for 3 hours

  8. Serve 1-2 cubes as a tasty treat

  9. Enjoy!

**TIP: This treat can we tweaked for your favorite cat as well – simply skip the sprinkle of dog food or switch to your favorite Solid Gold Cat Food


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