SeaMeal™ Squeeze

Mousse Cat Treat

SeaMeal Squeeze is a nutritious and delicious cat treat with fiber-rich seaweed for digestive health and flaxseed for healthy skin and coat.

SeaMeal™ Squeeze

With Chicken in Gravy


SeaMeal™ Squeeze

With Tuna in Gravy


Ways to Enjoy

Even the pickiest of eaters will go crazy for a delicious burst of creamy, ocean flavor as cats love the smell and taste of seaweed.

SMSqueeze Feed White
And with four individually wrapped pouches, SeaMeal Squeeze is easy-to-serve on top of food or directly from the pouch.
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Why Seaweed?

SeaMeal Gut Teal


Seaweed contains fiber which promotes gut health



Seaweed provides antioxidants for immune support

SeaMeal Vitamins Teal

Vitamins & Minerals

Seaweed is a great source of vitamins and minerals

Seaweed has long supported our ocean friends (including sea turtles who can live up to 150 years!), but until recently, it was rare to find in human snacks and pet food. At Solid Gold, seaweed is in our DNA. Our founder, Sissy McGill, was so confident of the power of seaweed that she created SeaMeal™ in 1982, our #1 selling supplement which has provided digestive health, immune health, and skin and coat health for almost 40 years!

That’s why we like to say that seaweed is Earth’s original superfood!

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