Solid Gold Recommendations From Our Employees (Part 1)

We constantly hear testimonials from our customers about how Solid Gold has changed their pet’s lives. They even love to recommend specific recipes that have worked for them and their pets. But what about our own employees? We decided to ask some of our employees what they feed, why, and how it’s changed their pet.


Jen Nordman – Graphic Designer:

“My 7 year old lab LOVES SeaMeal. I blend it with water and freeze it for little treats or simply blend it with his food and he just goes nuts over it. Since adopting him at 4, we have battled with various food allergies and his coat was always a little dandruffy as a result. Now that he’s on SeaMeal, his coat is super shiny and he no longer has flakey dandruff when you scratch around his ears and neck.”

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Jennifer Berglund – Director of Marketing: 

“Bristoe is a 2 ½ year old English Field Spaniel.  I feed him Sun Dancer dry food and a variety of wet foods, but his favorites are Mighty Mini Chicken wet food and Green Cow wet food.  His food is always topped with SeaMeal and I’ve also been giving him our new D-Zyme chews.  Of course, his favorite part is dessert—Bristoe can’t get enough of our new Solid Gold Chewy Dog treats!”

Jennifer Leen Berglund

Cassie Younginer – Consumer Engagement & Compliance Specialist:

“Hund-N-Flocken, because my dogs chose for me. They are sooooo much happier and healthy.”


Junsue Park – Content Manager:

“I feed Solid Gold Sunday Sunrise with Lamb. It’s a great food for Leo because he is such a picky eater and it’s been difficult finding a food that he doesn’t respond negatively too. I supplement with SeaMeal to give him that beautiful shine in his coat and it keeps his food interesting!”

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Joey Bay – Order Management Specialist:

“We use Furrever Young for our Senior Cat, and Fit as a Fiddle for our 3 younger cats. Our Senior cat has issues with chewing and digestion, so the smaller kibbles help with that. It’s also helped her fill out and her general health has gotten much better since we adopted her and started her on a SG diet. We also use the flaxseed oil on our senior’s food as well.”

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Joe McIver – Marketing Manager: 

“Hund-N-Flocken, with SeaMeal sprinkled on top! It is a Healthy Whole Grain recipe that contains the high-quality protein (lamb) and the superfoods he needs to live a healthy life. He also loves the taste and kibble shape! Since I switched to Solid Gold, Mickey has actually lost a few pounds… He is at a much healthier weight! His coat is softer and shinier, and his itching has decreased. Also, his poops have been MUCH more consistent! I can tell his diet is healthy because his poop has been healthy.”

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Dogs with their owners