A Solid Gold Supplement Success!

You hear us talk a lot about the magic of SeaMeal, so we’re going to try to stay quiet and let Laura share her transformational experience with this supplement!

“In March, 2017 I noticed a small bump on the head of my 8 year old cat Jasmine. Since she regularly plays with my other cats I assumed she had been on the receiving end of some active cat play. But instead of healing the bump slowly grew and I made an appointment to see the vet. Our appointment was scheduled for July 5. I began taking pictures of the bump to hallmark its progress for the vet. Eventually the bump became flesh colored and the size of a pea. The vet thought it was a sebaceous cyst and he wanted to do a biopsy and then remove it because he said the cat is only 8 and I wouldn’t want a disfiguring cyst on her head for the rest of her life. Those words shocked me and I could not imagine putting my Jasmine through all of this. I declined further services from this vet and decided to seek an alternative approach to treating the cyst.”Untitled1

“I had read about the powerful healing benefits of turmeric and I immediately started adding organic turmeric to Jazzy’s food, and applying a paste of organic turmeric/organic coconut oil topically to the cyst. I also applied a drawing salve to the cyst several times a week. While all this helped to reduce the size of the cyst somewhat, the cyst remained, so I continued searching for solutions. On August 16 I saw a display for Solid Gold SeaMeal at a local store. I was impressed with the packaging, marketing and online reviews and I purchased the product. Walking home from the store I called Solid Gold and spoke to a wonderful young woman who answered my many questions about the product. I liked what I heard and started Jazzy and my 5 other rescue pets on SeaMeal that evening.  Within days I noticed their fur was softer and silkier. Next, Jazzy’s cyst appeared to be changing from flesh color to whitish and eventually to blackish. Once the cyst turned black the top began bleeding and flaking off. Please know that at no time during this process did Jazzy appear to be in pain or discomfort. I upped the amount of SeaMeal in Jazzy’s food and continued documenting the progress of the cyst through pictures. On September 27 the cyst was completely black and appeared to be hanging by a thread. On September 28 it fell off into a tissue as I was examining it.”

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“As of today, October 4, the cyst is gone, all my babies have bright eyes and luxurious, silky fur and my 14 year old pup appears to be getting younger. All my babies love their SeaMeal. I sprinkle it on their food and mix it in and they lick their bowls clean. I am so grateful to Solid Gold for providing pet parents with a healthy, natural way to keep our fur babies healthy and happy. Thank you Solid Gold!”

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