A Veteran’s Solid Gold Story: Tom and Sam

By now, you’re probably familiar with one of our favorite organizations, Warrior Canine Connection. The Maryland-based program helps recovering military veterans reconnect with life, their families, their communities, and each other through a therapy program with dogs. For years, the program has chosen to feed their dogs Solid Gold. With that, has come many success stories and testimonials from the veterans themselves.

Matt Faulkenberry returned home after 12 years at sea with the U.S. Coast Guard, he knew something wasn’t right. That’s when he began exploring treatment options and soon came to the realization that he could benefit from WCC’s services. That’s when he met his match in Sam, a lovable black Labrador.

“I’m so happy to share the generosity and quality of food Solid Gold is providing for Sam and the blessing it is to my family. We are on very tight budget. We don’t cheat ourselves on food nor would we for Sam, so he is eating better than we could afford! Sam has been a huge part of my recovery with mobility issues as well as improving how I relate to people in patience & tuning into emotions. Brain injuries and trauma can have complicated drawbacks. For not being able to use words, Sam is a great teacher. If Sam and I are out of sync, I know it is I that has a problem. He has not just bonded with me; he loves my whole family. He also has a highly attuned emotional antenna and seeks to cheer up anyone he meets who might be needing some affection.

Sam is the man. Twice I have fed him other high-value healthy foods…his coat wasn’t as shiny, his breath stunk, he shed more and his BMs weren’t nearly as healthy. He is almost six and has the energy of 3 year old lab; so glad he is well trained! He still has zoomies every day and “challenges” me to try and juke him in the yard (LOL). He stays very lean and energetic, he is very healthy. It doesn’t take much wisdom to know that what goes into a body has an effect…Solid Gold Wolf King is Sam’s preferred dog food as well as what I WANT to feed him. Peanut butter and banana is his favorite treat, but he likes his Solid Gold!”

Lt. Thomas Faulkenberry,
U.S. Coast Guard

Click here to learn more about Tommy and Sam’s journey together: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dog-based-therapy-helps-veterans-recover/

Dog swimming in a pond