Zoe: A Special Superfoods Story

At Solid Gold, we love hearing from our consumers.  Sometimes these stories are pretty transformational and highlight the power of having a solid nutrition foundation.  See the story below what pet parent Thomas B. shared about his special rescue, Zoe.


“The poodle we now know as Zoe was born on November 04, 2011, somewhere in Missouri.   About two years later, a commercial dog breeding facility acquired her. Five months later, Dana’s Grove Dog Rescue rescued her.  Not much is known about her first two and a half years, except that by the time of her rescue, she was matted, infested with parasites, and nearly starved to death.

When I first saw her, you couldn’t even tell that she was a poodle. Her fur had become matted and infested with fleas and ticks – therefore, she was shaved almost bald. Her skin was dry and flaky. What little fur she had was dull and dry. She was almost starved to death – you could feel every bone down her spine and ribs. As with many rescue dogs, she also had intestinal parasites. As a result of the neglect, Zoe had many gastro/intestinal problems, and to this day has an extremely sensitive stomach.

The pet stores are filled with many brands of foods that are created for dogs with sensitive stomachs. After trying many foods, we found that Solid Gold was the best food for Zoe.   While the pet store is filled with many specialty foods, some were too rich and caused diarrhea. One well-known brand caused her to vomit a substance that came out and formed a perfect orange cone of goo. There were some that evidently didn’t taste good because even a half starved dog wouldn’t eat it. Eventually, we found that the Solid Gold dry food actually tasted good, was easy to digest, and the kibble size was perfect for her. The Solid Gold wet food has real chicken or turkey with interesting additions of things like chickpeas, green beans, and pumpkin. The Solid Gold Treats are also very yummy without being too rich.

Zoe is now a healthy, beautiful and noble girl who enjoys visiting the dog park, chasing waterfowl, and of course eating a delicious day of meals and treats from Solid Gold.”

Poodle after a hair cut